Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,teachers and students,

Yet another academic year is ahead.I thank you for being a part of Cluny family. Swami Vivekananda made a prophetic statement that if there is salvation for India, it most certainly lies in the awakening of the masses for which the only remedy is education. It is here that we have to be innovative by focusing all round formation of our students. Attitudinal competence gives us the perspective, a frame for our way of seeing and responding to new situations. We are challenged to develop a new national character ethic, based on the spiritual foundations of our culture. Remaking of India – the vision of the Mahatma, of shaping the character and attitudes of our students is daunting and necessary task in the decades ahead. It is in our classrooms that the destiny of such India is being shaped. In this great task let us hold hands together. May God bless each of us and our dear ones.May Bl.Anne Marie our foundress, who loved children so much intercede for our future generation. Wishing you all a very fruitful academic year. Thank you.