Sr. Thresiamma P. J.

The Management of the Cluny Public School is in the able and efficient hands of a team of dedicated and devoted sisters headed by the School Manager Sr.Paulette S.J.C. and the School Principal Sr.Vimala SJC

They give proper guidence and clear destination to their dear students. They are benton seeing their wards reaching high places in every walk of life. They are the guiding light and spirit of this institution. The other dedicated sisters of Cluny convent give unconditional support to the heads of the instituiton with undiluted sincerity.

School Managing Committee

Sl. No. Member Name Spouse Name Designation in SMC Phone (Off.) Phone (Res.)
1  Sr. Thresiamma P. J.  Joseph P. M.  President 2543326 2542726
2 Sr. Valsa K. P.  K. T. Poulo  Secretary 2543326 2542726
3  Sr. Alphonsa   Chacko  Treasurer 2543632 2542726
4  Mr. Benny Vadakkedam  Saly Benny  Parent Rep. 9447119472 9447119472
5  Dr. Sansho E. S.  Dr. Cicy P. J.  Parent Rep. 9495993086 9495993086
6  Adv. Ashamol A. O.  Renjith  Member 9048093815 9048093815
7  Mr. Sunny James  Beena  Member 9605529698 9605529698
8  Ms. Mini Raju  Raju   Teacher Rep. 9656810426 9656810426
9 Mr. Jose Thomas  Salikutty  Teacher Rep. 8281590623 8281590623
10  Fr. Roy SFS  Varghese  Member 8281746929 8281746929
11  Fr. Varghese Mecheril  Joseph  Member 9895693777 9895693777