Situated amidst a serene locale, accessible from all parts, the institution provides modern and spectacular infrastructure. We guarantee neat, tidy and hygienic class rooms with ample space. The natural, hygienic ambiance is highly conducive to the promotion of quality education. Serious and eager learning is encouraged by the caring and friendly teachers.


We are very careful about the welfare of our dear students. Easy, comfortable and convenient conveyance facilities are arranged – The crew bestow parental care on the students. There is enough elbowroom and never are they packed like sardines.


We believe in the dictum that reading makes a full man – So we have a well arranged library – really a storehouse of knowledge – Books of all branches and disciplines are piled here. We teach our students that “books are the never failing friends”, they are the master minds of the world and they can converse with them to enrich their knowledge.


Chemistry Lab : In the Chemistry lab students learn the procedures of preparation, identification and estimation of chemical substances. To learn science successfully, it must be experienced and learnt through experimentation.

Physics Lab: The most satisfying part of Physics is experimentation; Testing gives highest prospect for discovery

Biology Lab: A very hygienic and highly informative centre with modern facilities of experimentation

Mathematics Lab : Here students explore mathematical concepts, verify mathematical facts and theorems through a variety of activities using different materials. These activities may be carried out by the teacher or the students to explore, to learn to stimulate interest and develop favorable attitude towards mathematics.

Computer Lab : Computer Education is introduced from the lower classes onwards. It initiates young students into the fascinating world of computing, and introduces them to its broad and ever growing choice of applications.


Sports and Games
The institution has a vast playground. To train the students capable for all sports and games. The ample facilities provided by the school will make them efficient and competent sportstars and athelets. For body building of the students we give training in Yoga, Karatte etc. We believe in the principle that a sound mind is always in soundbody. Well experienced and competent physical education teachers are taking keen interest in building up the health and spirit of the students. Special Training is given to games like Football, Volleyball, Badminton etc